Balloon Rides

Balloon Rides

Important Facts Passengers Should Know:

Basket sizes vary from balloon-to-balloon and are dependent on weight capacity; therefore, passengers may not be able to ride together. We will do our best to put all passengers together when possible. Most baskets can accommodate 2-4 passengers.

All flights are completely dependent on weather. All flights are strictly under the direction of the Balloonmeister. Sometimes, due to impending weather and wind conditions, balloons will launch early or late…or not at all.

A typical balloon flight is approximately three hours from set-up through pack-up, with the actual flight lasting approximately 30-60 minutes depending on wind. All balloon flights will launch from the festival site. You will be returned to the festival site in your balloon’s chase vehicle.

All passengers are required to wear closed-toe shoes. In addition, all passengers should wear long pants and avoid loose clothing. Passengers that do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to fly.

If you have any questions about rides, please contact Kansas City AeroSports at or 816-588-2730.

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